Selection of fat burners for dieting women. What are these additives and which one should you choose?

Fat burners are a form of sports supplement for weight loss, namely fat burning. Nutritional supplements have the ability to remove excess fluid from the body, increase body temperature, causing fat to burn, improve metabolic processes, suppress appetite and provide energy. Each type of medicine works in its own way, one is a more effective energy drink, the other is a fat burner, and the third is a diuretic.

How It Works

how fat burners work

The function of fat burners is to improve metabolism, by raising body temperature, they help to remove excess fluid, and speed up the transport and breakdown of fats for energy. Once in the body, fat burners act on the central nervous system, sometimes accompanied by irritability, increasing the body's performance. That is, he works as an energy engineer. Manufacturers have started to produce thermogenic agents based on ECA supplements (ephedra extract, caffeine, aspirin). The substances increase irritability and body temperature, initiating the process of lipolysis, providing additional energy for training.

Types of fat burners

There are several types of fat burners depending on the effect and composition. Each works differently, but some work well in pairs, complementing each other.


This type of fat burner aims to block, prevent the absorption of calories or carbohydrates and fats from the digestive system.


Also called thermogenics, they contribute to an increase in heat production, i. e. body temperature, as evidenced by increased sweating. Due to this effect of the drug burns fat and increases metabolism. The thermogen suppresses appetite well, which also helps speed up fat burning. The drug is harmless at the recommended doses, but is contraindicated in hypertension.


Anorectics or anaroxigens are appetite suppressants, block hunger and affect the center of satiety. This reduces the amount of food you eat and the amount you eat. The effects of anorectics are found in thermogens, which also suppress appetite.


Fat burning aids, which improve metabolic processes, help to remove and transport fat from the body as energy. One such type is L-carnitine, the drug is harmless and can only be discontinued in case of individual intolerance.


Protein - a sports supplement, it serves as an additional source of protein, with inadequate and premature nutrition. Protein alone does not affect fat burning, but due to its low calorie content, it replaces a light meal, resulting in fat burning. But only if the diet is balanced. Protein does not inhibit fat burning. With a high-calorie diet, protein intake becomes meaningless. One serving of protein contains about 25 grams of pure protein.

inflated girl after taking proteins

Side effects

The main side effects of fat burners are:

  • irritability;
  • insomnia;
  • hyperactivity;
  • arrhythmia;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • renal and hepatic insufficiency;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Sports nutrition for weight loss for women

Women’s weight loss fat burners help lose weight, burn fat deposits directly, or block the absorption of substances, or suppress appetite. But their actions can be ineffective with poor nutrition. Excess calories, simple carbohydrates, including sugar, fats - all slow down the effects of drugs.

Do not use fat burners with an unbalanced diet. Only after setting the diet and adding physical activity can you add a fat burner to speed up the process. It is better to use the medicine in the morning or before a workout, this will give you extra energy during your workout.

Principles of proper nutrition:

  1. Eliminate simple carbohydrates (sweets, flour, starchy foods) from your diet;
  2. carbonated beverages (water, alcohol);
  3. We take sausages, sausages, smoked meats, lard from the diet;
  4. Excludes fatty meat - pork, lamb;
  5. We leave fruit or dried fruit from the simple carbohydrates in the morning;
  6. After dinner, give preference to proteins and fibers: meat, seafood, dairy products, eggs, vegetables;
  7. Do not overeat, portions should be small;
  8. On an empty stomach, drink a glass of purified water or a fat-burning beverage of your choice half an hour before a meal;
  9. Leave more protein and vegetables (fiber) in your diet;
  10. Eat small meals with a short break of up to 3 hours;
  11. Eat compatible foods: cereals, cereals + vegetables; protein (meat, fish) + vegetables;
  12. Eat 3-4 hours before bedtime;
  13. The food must be baked, cooked or steamed;
  14. Eat less salt, up to 2 grams a day.

Only by meeting all the requirements does it make sense to speed up the lipolysis (fat burning) process with the help of fat burners. Remember physical activity, physical activity will consume more energy or - for weight loss.

Drinks for weight loss

If we talk about the effectiveness of diet drinks in terms of burning fat, then this method is not effective, and manufacturers are most often deceived, presenting their products as a great way to lose weight. Their effect can be considered indirect, as some drinks (green tea, coffee) can improve metabolism or give energy to fight obesity, but do not break down fats.

Fat burners in the pharmacy

The dose of the pharmaceutical preparations may be lower than the dose recommended by the manufacturers of special additives. The active ingredient required for high quality fat burning requires more than the pharmaceutical composition. For example, L - carnitine contains 1000 mg of active ingredient per serving from sports food manufacturers in a pharmaceutical formulation - often less.

There are also medications that are not designed to burn fat but contribute to the weight loss process. Fat-burning athletes often use a special pharmacy drug that is designed to treat bronchial asthma, but which affects the process of burning fat, and is prescribed. Currently, the drug is manufactured by branded manufacturers of sports nutrition.

fat burning foods

fat burning products

A diet consisting of fat-burning foods can be a harmless and quite effective way to fight overweight. Their effect is that their digestion requires more energy (calories) than it comes from on its own - this is called negative calorie content. The product itself does not break down fat, but due to its low calorie content, it provides energy deficiency, which means weight loss. These products are:

  • Broccoli;
  • Asparagus;
  • zucchini;
  • Fallabda;
  • cauliflower and white cabbage;
  • Cucumber;
  • Celery;
  • Radish;
  • chili;
  • Spinach;
  • White radish;
  • Zucchini;
  • Eggplant.

In order to lose weight, such products must be consumed raw, some of which can be cooked or steamed but not fried in oil. The way of cooking also affects the caloric content, the glycemic index also increases when cooking vegetables.

Fat burning fruits that improve metabolism

Fruits like oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, lemons contain high amounts of vitamin C to help with metabolism. Pineapple contains bromelain, which promotes weight loss. Only the fruit should be consumed correctly, it will not have a fat-burning effect later on, on the contrary, the simple carbohydrates (fructose) in the fruit will be converted into fats. The benefits of the fruit include snacks in the morning, including:

  • Apple;
  • Blueberry;
  • Mango;
  • papaya;
  • Raspberry;
  • Strawberry.

Biologically active additives (BAA)

Food supplements are biologically active substances that need to be taken in with food, food supplements activate metabolic processes and improve the functioning of organs and systems. Dietary supplements are not medicines. Dietary supplements are classified into dietary vitamin complexes (metabolites, vitamins, minerals, amino acids) as well as functional foods that are fortified with additional active ingredients during the manufacturing process.

Dietary supplements can pose a health risk despite their harmless properties and help to improve metabolism and general well-being. The certification of food supplements is not yet complete and many manufacturers contain toxic substances that have not been tested or tested at all. Therefore, this method of weight loss will be considered doubtful.

Which fat burner is best for women


Medicines should be thoroughly studied before use to know the active ingredients and their effects on the body. Read the side effects. The drugs provide different ways to lose weight, and the differences are: effect on the central system, peripheral, energy-stimulating effect (noradrenergic agents), hormonal, appetite suppressant, laxatives and diuretics, hypoglycemic agents. It is worth considering whether their use makes sense and, most importantly, what side effects arise from using the drug. Their performance is largely questionable.

Important!Do not use medicines without a prescription.

Sports accessories

Sports supplements have passed many tests and are harmless. These include - full cycle amino acids, essential (BCAA), L-carnitine, vitamin complexes, Omega-3, fat and carbohydrate blockers. Nutritional supplements are not fat burners and do not contribute to the breakdown of fats, but provide the body with all the necessary substances that improve metabolic processes.

Natural fat burners for women

Nature has created products that improve metabolism and it is worth using because they are allowed for almost everyone except gastrointestinal disorders. These include: ginger, chili, cinnamon, mustard, flax, dill, coriander. Spices improve blood circulation and stimulate metabolism.

slimming drinks at home

Drinks to lose weight at home

  • tea with ginger, increases blood circulation, speeds up metabolism, helps speed up fat burning;
  • citrus energy drink, an immune-boosting source of vitamin C, serves as a source of energy, it is recommended to consume before training;
  • kefir mix cocktail with spices - ginger, red pepper, cinnamon. A low calorie drink that does not contain simple carbohydrates is well absorbed, improving digestion. The composition of spices improves blood circulation, accelerates lipolysis;
  • green teacontains antioxidants. It contains a large amount of caffeine, which serves as an energy booster in the fight against obesity;
  • Sassi water. It is recommended to take it on an empty stomach and all day. The water contains cucumber, lemon, mint, honey, ginger. The preparation improves digestion and metabolism. Contains antioxidant beta-carotene.
  • tomato juice based cocktails- a low-calorie drink that allows the body to saturate with a minimum of calories. Not recommended for people with high acidity.
  • celery smoothie with apples, low calorie drink. Contains fiber to improve bowel function.
  • coffee with mint, orange, blueberry, kiwi or pineapple- an energy drink that speeds up the fat burning process due to its caffeine content.
fat burning teas for weight loss

Fat burning teas for weight loss

Slimming teas are only sold in pharmacies as they contain herbs and are also considered a medicine. To lose weight, Chinese teas are made: green, yellow, black, red; herbal preparations, roots and other ingredients. Teas have a dubious effect on weight loss as they act as a diuretic and even a laxative. Teas remove excess fluid but do not affect fat burning. Such teas may contain ingredients such as: Chinese ephedra, chromium, compiphora, horseradish, hibiscus.

Fat burning cocktails at home

Green cocktail

Ingredients: 1 kiwi, 2 lemon slices, mint, parsley. Wash all the ingredients, peel the kiwi and cut it into rings. Separate the mint and parsley from the stems. Put everything in a blender, adding 100 ml of water.

Kefir and cinnamon cocktail

Ingredients: a glass of kefir 1%, half a teaspoon of cinnamon and ginger, a pinch of red pepper. All ingredients can be mixed with a spoon or blender. The drink is ready to eat. The cocktail is perfect for a night out.

Cleansing cocktail with celery

Ingredients: celery stalk, 1 apple, 1 pear,¼ part of cucumber, spinach leaves. Pass all the ingredients through a juicer, mix if necessary, add ice. Recommended for breakfast.

Rules for taking fat burners

Artificial fat burners have a number of contraindications and side effects in the form of supplements. Be careful to read the instructions before use. One of the most common side effects is irritability and insomnia, so it is best to take the medicine in the morning or before exercise. But by no means use it in the evening. If you experience side effects such as arrhythmia, gastrointestinal dysfunction and others, stop taking this medicine. Fat burners are taken for up to a month, if necessary, you can repeat the course after two weeks of rest. The thermogen works well with L-carnitine. You can take thermogenic in the morning and L-carnitine before training.

results after taking fat burners

Users of fat-burning supplements have similar opinions - they give excellent results, especially when combined with proper nutrition and exercise.